Rose Vacuum Flask

Size: 0.65L
Sale priceQAR 95


This amazing product is made of the best and healthiest type of plastic, chosen specially for safe usage contacting food and drinks directly. Moreover, it is available in a wide collection of elegant designs and modern colors, providing you with a practical and spectacular experience in daily use.

  • Keeps your beverage hot and cold for long hours
  • The air-tight lid prevents leakage and contamination of beverage
  • Features a well-contoured body for a comfortable and non-slip grip
  • Renders an easy-pour spout that prevents spillage
  • Fill the thermos up to a maximum of 3cm below the glass neck 
  • Don't put any solid objects inside the thermos
  • Don't put ice cubes inside the thermos to avoid internal glass breakage
  • Don't use it with dairy products or infant's food or soda drinks - Don't put it inside the microwave or dishwasher - After some time of usage, the thermos base might need to be tightened.




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