Cayro Block & Block Classic 652

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  • COMPONENTS: Wooden blocks AGE: +8 LEVEL: 8 years old, primary
  • KEY COMPETENCIES - Social and civic: respecting turn, tolerance to frustration, understanding codes of conduct, empathy. Learning to learn: listening to rules and checking that they are being applied well, perception of self-efficacy. Eye-hand coordination. Reasoning and strategic thinking
  • COGNITIVE SKILLS - Reasoning and strategic thinking according to space and other figures Problem solving and creative thinking to find new ways and solutions to keep the tower up.
  • MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES - Visual and spatial to find the right blocks to remove. Kinesthetic and physical, improving fine motor skills. Interpersonal, improving social relations and communication with playmates.
  • PLAY DESCRIPTION - Game of the tower made entirely of wood. Take blocks that are unnecessary for the stability of the tower and place them on top to make it as high as possible, but be careful, because if you drop it you will lose. Presented in a recyclable cardboard box with a modern design.
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