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The upgraded version of the Buzz Bee Carnivore with the Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Carnivore, the successor of the Buzz Bee Hunter enters the Blaster Arena: Optimized slightly in looks more power but still with the popular Bolt Action single loading mechanism. The Buzz Bee Carnivore surprises with a lot of performance, inconspicuous small shell has comparatively much power: As a blaster of the Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek series, the Predator can also adorn itself with a reach of up to 22m. Especially with the use of the lighter Nerf Darts, this maximum range comes closes. In addition to the power of the Predator, the loading mechanism is convincing as well: After the Blaster has been primed via the bolt, a dart can be placed into the chamber, which is reliably loaded by pushing the bolt back to the front. The mechanism is so reliable that you can place the dart in the window without worrying about a special position of the darts. The Blaster comes with four Ultra-Tek Darts as well as an attachable scope. A good combination, because the Ultra-Tek darts are very accurate which makes them good for target shooting. The Carnivore is not only an improved Hunter, but also a new version of a blaster with the same name.

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