Deco Collection (Metal Cookware)

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  • Stylish girls can enjoy applying makeup and styling their hair while perched in front of the vanity.
  • The play set is represented by a variety of kitchen utensils, which will be a great addition to the children's play kitchen.
  • The girl will acquire household skills, prepare dinner for her dolls, trying on the role of a caring hostess.
  • Realistic performance of all game attributes will make the game fun and believable.
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Perfect for pretend and play
  • Safe for Children to Play.
  •  The set is represented by 15 pieces of kitchen utensils that will delight the little hostess and help to acquire useful skills.
  • The girl would be happy to cook lunch for her dolls , using a pan with a lid, frying pan, ladle and devices.
  • The dishes are made of metal and plastic, have a realistic performance, which will add believability to the game.
  • In addition to the dishes, the set includes dummies of products.
  • The child will spend his leisure time in a fun role-playing game, developing accuracy, imagination, coordination and motor skills.
  • Toys are made of durable metal and have the required certification.
  • Pot size: 10 x 10 x 5 cm.
  • Pan size: 10 x 10 x 2 cm.
  • Bucket size: 8 x 8 x 4 cm.
  • Enhance Imagination - toys help to stimulate a child's imagination and allows them to think out the box.
  • Motor Skills - As your child grows on a daily basis, they need to develop different motor skills which are important for their development. Interactive toys allow children to develop their ability to master dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • Social Skills - When kids play, they love having someone else to join in on the fun and play with them. Toys have a way of allowing them to play and engage with other kids - a crucial skill to develop especially for those schooling years and beyond

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