Dunhill Brown Eau De Toilette for Men 75ml

Sale priceQAR 175


The Dunhill Brown EDT 75 ml is exactly the oriental woody fragrance every man needs to smell amazing every day! The top notes of lemon and geranium give it a refreshing, amber aroma. An interesting combination of cedarwood and Orris gives it a woody scent, making it a perfect accessory for men. It has strong hints of sandalwood blended wonderfully with Tonka bean, moss, and musk. It is specially formulated to suit everyday wear and is bound to last for a long time, keeping you fresh throughout the day.

The Eau De Toilette contains only 5-9% of perfume oil to not come off too intense or overpowering. It comes in a classic yet uniquely designed glass bottle with its cap at the far end of one corner.

  • A woody, amber fragrance every man deserves to have
  • The refreshing and vibrant opening contains lemon and geranium
  • With a heart made of Orris and cedarwood, it offers the ultimate masculine scent
  • The base notes are of sandalwood, moss, musk, and Tonka bean
  • Is not too strong and lasts throughout the day

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