Dymo Metal Embosser - DYS0720090

Sale priceQAR 1,628


RHINOTM M1011 Metal Tape Embosser. Innovation that  began 50 years ago and continues today. The RhinoTM M1011 has been designed for heavy-duty performance in rigid and harsh environments. The labels can withstand toughest environmental conditions on offshore platforms, marine and industrial job sites. 

  • Industrial and factory tasks are made easy with this tough cast-aluminum labeler.  
  • Embossed characters provide visibility in applications exposed to dirt or paint. 
  • Portable on-site custom lenght embossed markers. 
  • Superior durability: Imprints 12 mm wide metal, aluminium and vinyl tapes that withstand weather, temperature and corrosion. 
  • Front scissor cutoff with rounded corners for fast, easy and safe label application.  
  • Built-in hole punch device that lets you apply labels with nails and screws.  

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