Bosch Easy GrassCut 26 BO06008C1J70

Sale priceQAR 190


For lightweight trimming – 26-cm cutting width for quick results

  • A lightweight and balanced design ideal for easy and comfortable handling
  • Hassle-free, semi-auto spool eliminates the need for manual adjustments
  • High-quality finish, powerful motor, and strong, durable line for ideal results
  • Ideal for cutting grass and weeds, lawn trimming, and garden edging

The ideal choice for comfortable trimming and quick results

The lightweight EasyGrassCut 26 is designed for comfort and convenience. It features a balanced low weight for easy handling and maneuvering, reducing user fatigue, particularly with extended use. The trimmer´s semi-auto spool feeds the spool line at every trigger release, eliminating the need to manually adjust the spool or bump the head for continual, uninterrupted, and worry-free trimming. The tool’s high-quality finish, combined with a powerful motor and a durable cutting line, ensures ideal cutting results and long performance life.

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