Flamgo Burning Gel 1 ltr

Sale priceQAR 35


The Flamgo Burning Gel is based on ethanol and is designed for portable fireplaces without chimneys, that requires no gas connection or permanent ventilation. Please be aware not to use the gel in a fireplace that uses a chimney!
If you want to make a fireplace in the desert or on the beach, the gel is perfect for this. You can place the gel directly on the sand, on a stone or on a piece of wood. Then place the wood on top of it and ignite the gel.

The gel is a pure, natural product with a fresh forrest aroma based on bio ethanol. The Burning gel does not produce any smoke or soot, which means that is perfectly suited for indoor. It can also be used outside.

The Flamgo burning gel is not suited for a BBQ grill as the gel is a firm liquid, that need to be placed on a hard surface.

Orgin - Denmark

Size - 1 ltr

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