Bosch GSL 2 Professional Floor Surface Laser

Sale priceQAR 2,550


The leaders in cutting-edge German innovation have introduced another new product that will permanently alter the way you DIY - meet the Bosch GSL 2 Floor Surface Laser. The concept behind the GSL 2 is simple but ingenious: it projects two angled beams along the surface of your floor to help identify irregularities. Where the floor is flat, the beams will intersect exactly on the surface, showing up as a single line. However, where the floor dips or rises, the beams will separate into two clearly discernible lines, showing you precisely where the uneven patch begins & ends. It's as simple as that! With a working range of 10m, the GSL 2 will be able to handle even very large rooms in only one sweep. With the assistance of the included target plate, this distance is doubled; moreover, the target plate can be used to provide an exact reading of how uneven a section of the floor is by placing it in the path of the laser.

Also included is a robust & practical Bosch L Boxx storage & carrying case.

  • More safety due to a complete check of the entire surface and this is done in even less time
  • Displays surface irregularities precisely using a simple principle: one line - flat, broken line - not flat
  • Ideal for site managers, surveyors, and all flooring trades
  • Laser diode: 635 nm, < 5 mW
  • Laser class: 3R
  • Working range: 10 m
  • Working range with target: 20 m
  • Levelling accuracy: ± 0.3 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range: ± 4°
  • Dust and splash protection: IP 54
  • Operating time, max: 15 hours
  • Weight, approx: 2 kg
  • Length: 215 mm
  • Width: 170 mm
  • Height: 200 mm
  • Projection: 2 lines

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