Jungle Animals (Zebra, Elephant & Cheetah)

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  • Build your Zoo toy animal collection with terra’s zebra, elephant, and cheetah set of miniature animals!
  • Realistic details: exquisite animal Playset with accurate detail and beautiful design
  • Includes: 1 zebra toy 1 Elephant toy and 1 cheetah toy
  • Educational toys provide information about wildlife while encouraging compassion for animals
  • Imaginative play reduces screen time and improves social skills
  • Size: zebra 4.0 (L) 1.0 (W) 3.0 (H), elephant 5.0 (L) 2.0 (W) 3.0 (H), cheetah 4.0 (L) 1.0 (W) 2.5 (H) inches approximately
  • Recommended for kids age 3-years-old and up

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