Karcher Cordless Electric Broom KB 5 12580000

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The KB 5 Cordless Electric Broom quickly picks up dirt, dust, and debris. You'll find it a pleasure to use from the moment you start: there are no buttons to press, simply pull the handle back and go – the KB 5 effortlessly sweeps hard floors and low pile rugs/carpet. Its 8” rotating brush roll delivers edge-to-edge cleaning, and a fold-flat handle allows for easy sweeping under and around furniture (as well as compact storage). Enjoy up to 30 minutes of sweeping time before a recharge is needed. It's incredibly light (less than three pounds!) and easy to maneuver. The rotating brush picks up both small and large debris and is great for sweeping up pet hair. The KB 5 is easy to store and super low maintenance – no need to buy expensive bags or filters. And it's incredibly quiet. Change the way you sweep today! 

Features And Benefits

Kärcher Adaptive Cleaning System

  • Reliably removes dirt and debris on hard floors and low-pile rugs/carpet.
  • Innovative movable sweeping rim for optimal dirt pick-up.
  • Improved interior geometry for optimal dirt collection.

Automatic on/off switch

  • Switch on by pulling back the handle
  • Fast and intuitive
  • No need to bend down

The dirt container is easy to remove and clean

  • Quick and easy emptying without coming into contact with dirt

Flexible double joint

  • The handle can be moved effortlessly in all directions.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Navigate between furniture and chairs.

Universal brush

  • For optimum dirt pick-up both on hard floors and low-pile carpets
  • Allows easy removal of hairs
  • Also allows sweeping close to edges

The universal brush is easy to remove and replace

  • Quick and easy with one hand.
  • Facilitates cleaning of the universal brush.

Lithium-ion battery technology

  • The battery runs up to 30 minutes when cleaning hard floors
  • Without memory effect.
  • Easy to charge – always ready to use

Space-saving storage

  • Small footprint takes up little space, even in small cupboards
  • Can be kept wherever it is needed in the home

Parking position

  • No cumbersome storage hanger – simply park and leave between cleanings


  • Easy to transport and maneuver.
Technical data
Battery running time (min.) 30
Brush working width (in) 8.25
Dirt container capacity 12.5
Battery voltage (V) 3.7
Battery running time on hard floors (min.) 30
Battery running time on carpets (min.) 20
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Power supply (V/Hz) 18 / 60
Weight without accessories (lbs) 2.6
Weight incl. battery (lbs) 2.6
Weight incl. packaging (lbs) 3.6
Dimensions (L x W x H) (in) 8.5 x 9.1 x 44.1
  • Standard brush, removable
  • Universal brush, removable
  • Battery charger

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