Kendo Mini Tube Cutter 3-22mm KE50307

Sale priceQAR 17


  • Versatile use: this Kendo pipe cutter is suitable for separating pipes made of copper (Cu) and aluminum (AL). The cutter is flexible for pipe diameters (diameter) from 3 to 22 mm and can be used infinitely.
  • Convenience: compact and very robust housing made of zinc die-cast alloy. The surface has been designed to protect against corrosion such as Rust coated with powder. Thanks to the compact size of the pipe cutter, it is particularly handy and therefore also ideal for on the go and can be easily stored in the toolbox.
  • Handle: turn the knob until the cutter is completely opened, insert the pipe and turn it again on the knob until the pipe is firmly clamped between cutting wheels and rollers. If the performance of the cutting edge decreases, it is replaceable. Includes integrated deburring tool with hardened and ground deburring blade for clean pipe sections.
  • Material: heavy-duty housing thanks to zinc die-cast alloy. Gcr15 High Carbon Steel Cutting Wheels

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