Monopoly Arcade Pacman

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  • MONOPOLY GAME WITH PAC-MAN THEME: Did you play the classic arcade game Pac-Man in the 80s? Relive your favorite moments with this Pac-Man Monopoly Arcade board game.
  • ARCADE IS BANKING UNIT: In the Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man game players play for points instead of money. Earn points by buying Levels and playing mini Pac-Man games in the banking and arcade unit
  • The Phantom: Players move around the table like Pac-Man, and they also move the phantom token on their turn. The phantom die determines how far the phantom token moves
  • POWER UP, POWER PELLET AND MAZE SPACES: Players move around the table and can advance or steal a level depending on the space they land on. If they pass or land in Go they start playing Pac-Man
  • For Pac-Man Fans: Players insert their plastic arcade coin into the banking and arcade unit to check scores, pay rent, buy, sell or steal levels, play Pac-Man mini-games, and more

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