Monopoly Lol Surprise

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  • Inspired by LOL Surprise! : This awesome Monopoly board game for ages 8 and up is inspired by the lovable LOL Surprise! Dolls and accessories.
  • Buying, Trading and Trading Dolls - Instead of properties, the game board artwork features images of LOL Surprise! Dolls that players buy, trade and trade with surprise. Cards
  • Collect Rare Dolls - In this Monopoly game, instead of buying properties and locations, players aim to collect the rarest LOL. Surprise! Dolls represented on the game board. Stars and emojis replace houses and hotels.
  • Best LOL Surprise! Doll Collection Wins - The more dolls displayed on the game board that a player has earned, the more rent they can collect. The last player with money when other players have gone bankrupt wins the game.

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