Monopoly Speed

Sale priceQAR 219


  • Play in under 10 minutes: In the mood to play the monopoly game but don't have a lot of time? Players can actually finish the monopoly speed board game in less than 10 minutes
  • Play in timed rounds: This quick-playing monopoly board game is played in rounds; The timer counts down each round's buying stage and trading stage
  • Everyone buys at once: No need to wait your turn; Each player has a token and matching die; During the buying stages, everyone rolls and buys at the same time
  • Super fast trading: Chance cards help players wheel and deal during each trading stage; Get bonuses at the end of the game with community chest cards
  • Fun family game: When you have the need for speed, play the monopoly speed board game; What a great way to bring family and friends together even when pressed for time

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