Cayro Nuts 7072

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  • COMPONENTS: Stair blocks, challenge cards, construction templates. - AGE: +6 years old LEVEL: Primary, 5 years
  • KEY COMPETENCIES: Eye-hand coordination: to assemble the stairs. Social and civic skills: tolerance of frustration, respect for the rules of the game Learning to learn: understanding the game and knowing that I am playing it correctly
  • COGNITIVE SKILLS: Visuospatial perception: to recognize the necessary templates and blocks. Reasoning and creative thinking: to build the stairs Manual ability: to get up the squirrel.
  • MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES - Logical-numeric: to build the stairs according to instructions. Kinesthetic - To manipulate the pieces and manage to lift the stairs.
  • GAME DESCRIPTION - NUTS is a logic game that stimulates geometric thinking and spatial ability. You will have to be smart and creative to win. Help the squirrel climb to the top of the trees to get the acorns. Use the blocks on the cards to create stairs to get to the right places. But be careful, there are traps on the ground in the most difficult levels that you will have to avoid.
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