Parex Twister 360 Degree Spinning Mop Cleaning Set Regular

Sale priceQAR 132.25


  • Twister mop is breaking a new ground with its easy use and unique cleaning system.
  • Twister mop’s special head is designed to rotate easily in all directions. So, you’ll be able to easily clean hard-to-reach areas such as under the seats, cabinet edges and narrow corners and you’ll not have to bend over and stand up thanks to its ergonomic structure.
  • Providing unique cleaning power with its 100% microfiber mop, Twister cleans all surfaces without scratching.
  • You can adjust desired dryness level thanks to its rotating mechanism and use at different moisture rates on different surfaces. Just immerse the mop into water, place the fringed end into rotating chamber and press softly with a single hand.

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