Play Doh Cash Register

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  • The Play-Doh Cash Register for Kids Ages 3 and Up comes with 11 fun Play-Doh tools for them to get creative and play grocery store.
  • Classic Cash Register Sounds: The toy scanner in the cash register beeps when you put a Play-Doh creation in it, and the drawer makes a satisfying sound when you open the cash register.
  • Make money from playing (CHA-CHING). - Book mold creates Play-Doh coins and cash that kids can put in and out of the register. There is also a mold to make a Play-Doh credit card.
  • All the correct Play-Doh accessories - Manual barcode stamp, basket, shopping bag, integrated receipt maker, and 5 food cutters to play with complete the simulation shopping experience.
  • INCLUDES 4 NON-TOXIC COLORS TO PLAY WITH - With 4 Play-Doh colors in standard 2-ounce cans, kids can make tons of Play-Doh creations.

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