Remote Control Parking Lock

Installation : Without
Sale priceQAR 399


Rated Voltage DC6V
Quiescent Voltage <=0.8mA
Operating Current <=0.85A
Up and down duration <=5s
Max. Height 410mm
Min. Height 75mm
Effective distance 15m
Temperature -30°C
Size 450x450x75mm
Weight 8kg

Function & Feature:

Pressure Resistant: The Maximum load capacity is 500kg when the parking lock is lift down.

Auto Lock: The condition will not change until the possessor unlocks it.

Manual Operation: Lift the arm up or down manually to alternate or charge the battery

Enclosure: IP Grade 65 to prevent the dust or water

Power off facing an obstacle: The parking lock will automatically power off while facing the pressure that it cannot take to protect the motor.

When the Battery is not powerful enough to support the parking lock, the warning light will flicker and the buzzer will ring. That's when you need to charge the battery.

When the parking lock is up, the angle between the arm and the base will change if the arm is pressed by external force. At this time, the alarm of parking lock will ring to notice related staff to handle this. If the external force is removed, the arm of the parking lock will restore

The Controller to the lock: Recharge the parking lock and press the button on the remote immediately after the pilot lamp lights in 3 seconds. Release the button in 2 seconds when the lamp glitters.

Full Auto Sensor Card: Open the card box and turn it on. Then close the box and put it under the front window of your car.

Theft Resistant: The affixation holes are at the bottom of the outer cover which can be opened only by the possessor using the key. Please do not remain the lock in the condition of alarming for a very long time.

Affixation Requirements:

Position: The lock should be fixed in the middle of a parking lot in case the car hits it.

Ground: Flat and dry cement ground would be effective.


  • Parking Lock
  • 2 Remote Control
  • 2 Cover Keys
  • 3 Expansion Bolt
  • Recharger

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