Bosch Rotation Laser GRL 500 HV

Sale priceQAR 8,500


GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor of Bosch Power tools The Bosch GRL 500 HV + LR 50 Professional Rotation laser is the first rotation laser with theft protection for all leveling work


The first rotation laser with theft protection for all leveling work

  • Theft protection: an alarm is triggered if the GRL 500 H/HV is moved without the LR 50 Professional during operation.
  • Calibration reminder: automatically indicates calibration requirement.
  • Slope function: enter slope values directly and precisely using the LR 50 Professional keypad.
  • Sleep mode: When the tool goes into sleep mode, all settings are saved and the theft protection and the Anti-Drift System remain operational.
  • Centre Line button: automatically aligns the laser beam with the center of the receiver and measures the slope value.
  • Simultaneous charging: the Li-Ion batteries in both components are charged together in very little time.
  • Line Control: align the vertical line as desired in vertical mode using the arrow buttons.
  • Anti-Drift System prevents leveling errors in the event of shocks or vibrations.
  • Relative height display: distance between where the laser beam hits the reception area and the center of the receiver.

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