Spider Man Far From Home Jet Vehicle

Sale priceQAR 259


  • Spider-Man Vehicle and Figure: Imagine Spider-Man soaring above the city with this Spider-Jet toy vehicle and 6-inch Spider-Man action figure, inspired by the Spider-Man movie, Spider -Man: far from home.
  • Spider-Man swings from his web under the spider's jet; Spider-Man falls through the escape hatch to swing under the jet; Time to get back on the road? Roll it back into the cockpit with the pull of a rope.
  • Launch Projectiles to Defeat Villains - Imagine Spider-Man stopping villains in their tracks with the blast of a missile projectile from either of the spider jet wings. (2 missile projectiles included).
  • The Spider-Man Pilots Spider-Jet - Place a 6-inch figure inside the cockpit to imagine the figure Piloting the spider over the city. (Additional figures are sold separately.) Subject to availability.)
  • Spider-Man adventures with 6-inch scale figures. Expand the sling action with other Spider-Man: Away from home movie inspired figures.

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