Spiderman Spiderbolt Blaster

Sale priceQAR 219


  • BLASTER INSPIRED MAN-INSPIRED - Peter Parker is an inventive teenager whose technological skills help him develop equipment like his iconic web cannons. Inspired by the inventiveness of Spider-Man, the Web Shots team allows kids to imagine enemies with a web-powered blaster.
  • Powered by Nerf: The Spider-Man Web Shots Spiderbolt Blaster comes with 3 Nerf darts so when kids pull the handle and push the button they can launch darts and imagine using a web blast to take on the villains of the Marvel universe. Additional darts are sold separately.
  • Stylish Cobwebs: Inspired by Marvel comics, the Web Shots Spiderbolt Launcher has cobweb detailing and spider-inspired design so kids can imagine themselves with net-powered gear.
  • Compatible with Web Shooting Teams: Connect the Web Shots Spiderbolt Launcher to any of the web shooting teams, Twist Strike, Slinger Disc, or Scatterblast Launchers

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