Super Mario Jenga

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  • Jenga Game with a Super Mario Twist - is an exciting Jenga game with artwork, themes and characters inspired by the popular Super Mario video games.
  • Rotate, stack, collect coins: rotate the spinner to determine the number of blocks to stack, how many layers to climb, or whether to reverse play or collect coins.
  • Don't let the tower fall - Players move their pegs up and their opponents pegs down while removing and stacking blocks. But if the tower falls when they climb or stack, they lose coins and the game is over.
  • Battle to the Top - Race to the top of the Jenga tower to fight and defeat Bowser. All players add their points at the end of the game and the highest score wins.
  • Super Mario Fans: Jenga: Super Mario Edition is a fun and challenging game for Super Mario fans. Makes a great birthday or holiday gift for Super Mario players and fans, ages 8 and up.

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