Syndicate Speed Parachute 56"

Sale priceQAR 49.50


  • PERFECT SIZE - 56" diameter, 25-35 lbs of resistance.
  • ADJUSTABLE BELT - Velcro closures waist belt for all body types of users, (up to a 42" waist), The belt rotates 360 degrees and has a free motion ring, meaning you can sprint in any direction.
  • GREAT HELPING FOR RUNNER -Provides excellent resistance training for improved speed, stamina, strength and acceleration Chute releases while running for overspeed training.
  • DURABLE -Made of parachute cloth,Built-in mesh panels keep strings from tangling and helps stabilize the chute during training.
  • MULIT USED -Whether you’re in track and field, football, soccer, basketball, or any other sport, your speed will improve with the use of this resistance training chute, Best for long-distance running.

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