Teloon Badminton Bat Passion

Sale priceQAR 214.50


  • All-round optimized design improves rackets' mechanical structure for a more efficient attack and defense system while playing the game.
  • HIGH FLYING SPEED: The flying speed of these Plastic shuttlecocks are extremely high, combined with good accuracy and stability, these shuttlecocks are nice sports accessories for both indoor and outdoor playing, suitable for both entertainment and training.
  • DO PRACTICE OR PLAY TOURNAMENT: These feather shuttlecock makes a perfectly good choice for practicing your game, their excellent stability and ability to maintain their flight trajectory make them suitable for tournaments as well.
  • DURABLE: The badminton rackets are solidly built with an integrated T-joint design which improves the stability of the racket. It also prevents deformation caused by playing badminton for a long time, making the racket more stable.
  • COMES WITH BAG: This badminton combo comes with a carry bag so the badminton rackets can be placed inside the racket bag so that rackets can be taken anywhere without any hassle.

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