Teloon Badminton Grip 400PW

Sale priceQAR 14.25


  • over grips are made of finest absorbent, cushioning anti-slip, breathable, perforated PU material that keeps your racket/handle dry even when sweating in hot and humid conditions to provide excellent vibration and sting protection for players in the court
  • over grips are easy to install as these are precut grips that are ready to install in less than a minute by the use of its easy self adhesive surface that starts with a tapered end
  • over grips are 1 inch wide, 43.3 inches long, 0.02 inches thick that provides smooth, ultra-comfortable feel with confident gripping experience and provides you with a cushioning effect and a 100% powerful sweat absorption at any surface for any usage and for any purpose
  • over grips are more than just tennis tape. They are proven to be suitable for almost any handle, including but not to tennis rackets, squash rackets, racquetball rackets, badminton rackets, table tennis rackets, fishing poles, bike handlebars, stroller handles, walking sticks, football table bars, slingshot, lawn mower, pull-up bars, pickle ball paddles, softball and baseball bats, dumbbells and more

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