Teloon Waist Twister WT2022

Sale priceQAR 28


  • Twisting motions of this Waist Twist Disc will melt away excess body fat, slim your waist, thigh and hips to give perfect body posture and a slim figure.
  • When you stand on the board, the bottom disc remains in place while the upper disc can rotate freely. Twist your body and workout on the disc to achieve balance and posture.
  • High-impact rotating disc provides a platform for aerobic exercises. Strengthens your core muscles, stimulates blood circulation, burns calories, lose weight and relaxes your body.
  • Both sides of the disc can be used for exercising and workout. Precision ball-bearing results in smooth and fluent motions.
  • Innovative home exercise equipment. Exercise anytime, anywhere. Exercise while listening to music or watching TV. Compact and Portable Design.

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