Tiny Pong

Sale priceQAR 229


  • Table tennis in the palm of your hand: Imagine being able to play a single game of table tennis without the need for a full-size table. This game brings exciting bouncing action in the palm of your hand.
  • Fun Solo Play Game: Want something fun to do when friends aren't around? This game is great entertainment, and it is designed to be played alone. Challenge your friends by taking turns to get the highest score.
  • Keep bouncing to win: throw the ball on the court and then bounce for as long as possible to increase the points. If the ball falls, the game is over and the unit announces the score.
  • Lights and sounds: the game has lights and sounds that add exciting gameplay. The lights on the net flash when the game starts and when a player goes up and records each bounce at the top of the table.

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