Tramontina Profissional Master Meat Knife 6"

Sale priceQAR 33


  • Quality and durability for hardworking professionals.
  • With cuttingedge technology, Tramontinas professional knives are always ready to jump into action and do beautifully well with any ingredient, cut, or recipe. Efficiency all-around.
  • The incredible high quality of the blades is a result of a thermal treatment which consists of hardening (heating the blade), subzero (cooling from 50 to -196 degrees), and tempering (increasing the steel elasticity) for a longer and more efficient life.
  • The anatomical and ergonomic textured polypropylene handle, is directly injected on the steel bolster, ensuring a comfortable, safe use.
  • The antimicrobial protection prevents and reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • This technology is incorpotated during the handle manufacturing process and lasts throughout the product's life, but it does not eliminate the need to clean it thoroughly.

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