Zebra SS Food Carrier 12x3

Sale priceQAR 49


  • Zebra stainless steel food carrier from Thailand.  This is the 12cm dia carrier that stacks 3 high.
  • These carriers are essentially a collection of pots that sit together with each one forming the lid for the next one.  The top container pot has a lid (which fits all the others) and all of the individual food containers are held together with a stainless steel strap and catch with a built-in carrying handle.
  • The pots can also be heated on a stove to warm through. So perhaps if you had a 3 section carrier you would take soup in the bottom container, bread in another and fruit and yogurt in the top one.  Clip it all together and away you go.
  • These food containers are high-quality Stainless steel and are available in a range of sizes starting with this - the 12 cm dia. pots.

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